First of all who we are, soon to say, a group of guys each with their own computer skills, ranging from simple HTML to Pascal Object, from Python to Java, and so on, we spend 90% of the day on a device, so we believe to know what we say, and above all we do. Because we also deal with NEGATIVESEO, simple, first of all we don't like the UNDISPUTED overwhelming power of certain sites / large companies, secondly we like to always put ourselves to the test, managing to get the better of those who have large capitals to position their own sites, but since we also have to eat, obviously we have to combine business with pleasure. Let's make one thing clear right away, negative SEO exists and works, but attacking a site for a simple keyword will only penalize it for that and similar ones, all the others will remain in the ranking, not only that, like all things, even the penalties end, and after about 3 months, usually but even less, the target site will return to the previous ranking, you need to know, let's be honest and clear, you decide your goals, if you want to hit it again, you'll know where to find us, but don't think you'll be penalized for always. I don't know if you have clear ideas about negative SEO techniques, we will soon show you the most common ones, to clarify the situation better, you need to know what you buy and why you buy it, so you establish lasting customers. thing, i.e. that in the most widespread methods of SEONEGATIVE, millions of spam linkslike in this post of buy link fiverr appear against the target, well we don't work like this, first: if you want millions of links you can find them on fiverr at 5 euros per million, second if the links are used there are bad sites, they will never be detected by google, no indexer can succeed, even if they are offered to it, its algorithm will reject them, GOOGLE has been working this way for years now, so be careful who offers you 2M links for 500usd, you can find them for 10usd on fiverr, and most likely they won't have any effect. Another thing, if we attack a site for you, we won't use any LINKS, but also other BLACK HAT techniques that we can't disclose, since we discovered them, we only use them now, obviously we are not the only ones, but we are among the few, any site can be damaged if the attack is carried out in the right way, obviously the higher the DR of the site, the more difficult it is, in fact our price ranges ranging from 20-40 DR, 41-60 DR, 61 and more DR. Usually, for sites below 40 DR, in 48-72 hours the compromised ranking is already obtained, for sites with higher DR, more time is needed, therefore if you want to attack an important site, arm yourself with patience, it will take at least a week Now we would like to expose the main attacks used in negative seo, which is much more widespread than you think, but since it is not illegal but ethically incorrect, obviously nobody talks about it.Negative SEO not only exists and works, but it is much more difficult than the canonical one, which let's face it, consists only in receiving good links, from good sites, nothing more, nothing less; negative, on the other hand, cannot be resolved with spam links, if not believe yourself, first use those who sell you millions of junk links, you will see that they will not get the slightest effect. Even if the idea of these tons of links is correct, in practice it will not work, as GOOGLE said, it only indexes when it considers a site of a given value, it would be enormously expensive to index ALL the links of the WEB every damn day, I think it is a fairly easy concept to understand, and obviously PAGE and BRIN are not stupid. We too could sell millions of useless links, it would be very easy, but not only do we want to be ethical and fair, but we are also interested in long-term customer relationships, draw your own conclusions!Last things, not least, we ONLY deal with negative seo in GOOGLE, we don't even take the other engines into consideration, you can do it very well by yourself, a few tens of dollars and a little good will will suffice. Having said this, obviously your anonymity it is guaranteed, we do not care who you are and why you contact us, we are interested in receiving payment and doing the job well. We DO NOT attack .gov domains and .edu domains of any country, this is our essential condition, for any amount,for more info about too feel free check this SEO DIRECTORY ,or feel free send us an email.

Now to let you have a clearer picture of the negative and let you decide whether to use our services with maximum transparency, we offer you a picture of the best known techniques, NOT the really useful ones, but we repeat, the most popular one, which is very different, obviously none it would divulge knowledge that could be worth gold, let alone free, well, let's see them here


Most known techniques of NEGATIVE SEO



Well, this is undoubtedly the best technique, there is no arguing, anyone who says otherwise does SUPERESCORT.INFOnot distinguish a bit from a bitch, it causes devastating effects, especially if obtained on-page: imagine entering your target site and immediately inserting a phishing page or maybe a nice ramsomware in .exe,lol,at the first access of the browser,it will immediately be inserted in the worst of the blacklists,that is, those of phishing, trojans and malware,completely impossible for the admin to prove his extraneousness,unless obviously be it a multinational or a government. A clarification, even the best of these attacks if the site is well defended will not work, and on certain occasions you need a manual error of the administrator, but if correctly executed it is the black death of the bad seo.10+

This is a matter that we have mentioned above, as mentioned many, many WEB links are not indexed by GOOGLE, it is useless to send 1M links to derank when not even 1 out of 10,000 will be indexed, if you want to use this technique, consider first, from where these links start, which keywords carry these links, the DR of your target, the age of the target domain, the number of links of the target, in short, many variations, you do not derank by sending 1M or 2M or 3M of spam links, if not you know what to do and how to do it


Negative pbn seems to us quite useless and expensive and perhaps even dangerous, leaving traces, since the pbn is not attributable to an owner, then the costs of a pbn, not everyone can maintain 50 or 100 domains, and then use them as a source of spam, we find it very senseless and I would say that in 2023 no one has used it for years.


We report it only for the record, being today considered a deranking technique, in our opinion it is something for children, even if done with seo software that can send millions of these reviews, as a strategy it is both laughable and useless, and to be precise does not lower the ranking, it can at least generate a little distrust in the visitor, which is something else

Here it is the same as spam links, whether these links are sent from a links farm or with SER GSA, MONEYROBOT, RANKER X...., nothing changes, they must be INDEXED or they DO NOT EXIST for GOOGLE


LOL, sorry if I laugh, but just thinking that it's considered a black technique really makes me smile, well, it was maybe until 2002, 2003, after which it only wastes time and money to the attacker, even the dumbest WEBMASTERS ,obviously he asks GOOGLE for a complete indexing of his site,not to mention the sitemap,lol.


We tried to clarify your ideas on negative seo and the various ways to implement it, as mentioned, we act in another way, if it works? Well, it works, but obviously we cannot say 100% on every site on the WEB, depends on many factors of the target, for this reason before receiving any order we ask you to indicate the target, having analyzed this, we could then talk about an estimate and a success rate, which as mentioned at the top under the 40 DR is very, very high. We are not cheap, know this, but the job done well, must be paid well, right, and this money spent with us with your main competitor out of rank for the most important keywords will come back to you at least tenfold, or we'll be wrong. For any question, clarification, doubt, etc., contact form on the following page or Telegram, always on the following page.ast thing : as you can see we have not listed our prices, we have not forgotten them, but we prefer for each individual case treated, after analyzing it, to find the best agreement with our customers

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